Welcome to the CS 99S photo gallery!

Shayan and Vasiliy demonstrate the new Olympic sport of "Synchronized Circuit Design".
Derek contemplates melting his entire circuit down with the soldering iron.
Hiten intimidates Neal, who later drops the class.
Jason is way too excited about circuit design.
Straight wires, right angles, uniform colors ... this board is truly a work of art.
Nike's sponsorship at Stanford extends to the powerful Stanford Breadboard Team.
"Excuse me while I ralph on your board."
The 5-Bit Adder That Won the West.
This adder singlehandedly ended the Cold War.
What's more, it calculated a workable solution for ending Israeli-Palestinian tensions in the Middle East. This is no ordinary 5-bit adder.
Cameron and Eser unsuccessfully try to claim credit for all 5 bits of the 5-bit adder.
Thwarted in their grasp for digital glory, they turn to the analog domain.
"What's this little red button do?"
Cameron's heartbeat is the top one, Eser's the bottom one.
Hiten, working solo, plots his next move.
With his BASES t-shirt, he's thinking "startup".
Team Donner is secretly kicking each other under the table.
Hiten's breadboard has its own IPO.
How could you fail to give $25M in venture funding to a masterful wiring job like that?
The future's so bright, Vasiliy wishes he had shades.
Sedem discovers his pen isn't a very good conductor.
In the future ...
... all traffic lights will be built this way. (Except red really ought to be on top.)
On the last day of class ...
... from left: Hiten, Eser, Cameron, Sedem, ...
... John, Vasiliy, Jaz, Shayan, Gene, ...
... Jason, Jason, Derek, and Bill. Contrary to popular belief, Jaz does not have an ice cream cone permanently attached to his chin.