EE482C Advanced Computer Organization:

Stream Processor Architecture - Spring 2001/2002


Lecture Date Topics Reading Assignments
1 4-Apr Introduction and logistics (L)    
2 9-Apr Discussion of Imagine and Streaming Graphics Application (D) Imagine: Media Processing with Streams
"Polygon Rendering on a Stream Architecture"
3 11-Apr Conclusion of Introductory Lecture and
Beginning of StreamC/KernelC Demo (D+L)
Imagine Beginner's Guide   
4 16-Apr StreamC / KernelC Demo and Discussion (L+D) Imagine Programming System  
5 18-Apr Stream Scheduling and Kernel Scheduling (D) Stream Scheduling "Communication Scheduling" Wavelet Assignment 
6 23-Apr Discussion of Conditionals(D) "Efficient Conditional Operations for Data-parallel Architectures"   
7 25-Apr Register Organization and RAW Hardware (D) "Register Organization for Media Processing"
"The Raw Microprocessor: A Computational Fabric for Software Circuits and General Purpose Programs"
8 30-Apr Project Brainstorming (D)   Wavelet Program (due)
Project Proposal (out)
9 2-May Brook Tutorial (L) Brook Quickspec
Brook: A Streaming Programming Language 
Brook Assignment
10 7-May RAW/StreaMIT (D) A Stream Compiler for Communication Exposed Architectures Project Proposal (due)
11 9-May Multithreading/Vector architectures (D) "Vector Architectures: Past, Present, and Future,"
"Spert-II: A vector Microprocessor System,"
"Tera Hardware-Software Cooperation,"
12 14-May Project Update   Brook Assginment (due) 
13 16-May Dataflow/MPI/Fortran-90 (D) "Exploiting Fine-Grain Thread Level Parallelism on the MIT Multi-ALU Processor"
"Two Fundamental Limits on Dataflow Processing, "
14 21-May Grid architecture/Graphics architectures (D) A User-Programmable Vertex Engine
Ray Tracing On Programmable Graphics Hardware 
15 23-May Project Update  
16  28-May Multi-node and Irregular Streams Issues (L)    
19 30-May Project Presentations    
20 4-Jun Project Presentations + Wrapup   Project Report (Due)


(L) - Lecture
(D) - Discussion


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