Whay S. Lee

Whay S. Lee

Stanford University
Gates Computer Science Building, Room 215,
Stanford, CA 94305.
(650) 725-3855

Whay Lee is a member of the Concurrent VLSI Architecture group at Stanford. and also a PhD candidate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is the communications subsystem architect for the MIT M-Machine Multicomputer, and is responsible for the architectural definition, logic design and implementation of its processor-network interface, integrated network router, and the on-chip switches and arbitrators.

Whay Lee's PhD thesis title is Mechanisms for Efficient, Protected Messaging -- postscript / Abstract. (Portions published in IEEE Computer Special Issue on Design Challenges for High Performance Network Interfaces, November 1998.) He expects to receive his degree in February 1999.

Whay Lee's resume: postscript, PDF, text.


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January 30, 1999.
Whay S. Lee