High Speed Signaling


Principal Investigator: William J. Dally

With technology scaling, off-chip communication has become the bottleneck for system performance. To overcome this bottleneck, we have developed several high speed signaling techniques for off-chip communication. We developed the first simultaneous bi-directional I/O pads (1990), the first equalized high-speed CMOS link using transmit pre-emphasis (1996), the first low-power, area-efficient high-speed CMOS serial link transceiver(2000), and the fastest(20Gb/s) fully integrated CMOS transmitter to date(2003). Future work involves crosstalk cancellation between parallel I/O links, and a complete low-power/area 20Gb/s 0.13um CMOS transceiver. Research topics include:

Serial Link and Parallel Link I/O Circuit Design
Phase-Locked Loops (PLLs) and Delay-Locked Loops (DLLs) Circuit Design
Timing Acquisition, Channel Coding, Equalization
Low Power Circuit Design

This project is supported by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and Intel Corporation.

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