EE482C Advanced Computer Organization:

Stream Processor Architecture - Spring 2000/2002

Project Ideas

Project Proposals (gorup numbers are arbitrary)

Project Reports

  • James Bonanno, Suzanne Rivoire, and Rex Petersen - On-Chip Support for ILP, DLP, and TLP in an Imagine-Like Stream Processor (proposal-pdf) (proposal-ps) (report) (presentation)
  • John Davis, Andrew Lin, Njuguna Njoroge, Ayodele Thomas - The Viterbi Algorithm as a Stream Application (proposal) (report) (presentation)
  • Abhishek Das, Mattan Erez, and Jayanth Gummaraju - Compiling Brook to StreamC (proposal) (report) (presentation)
  • Timothy Knight, Arjun Singh, and Jung Ho Ahn - Stream Cache Architectures for Irregular Stream Applications (proposal) (report) (presentation)
  • Henry Fu, Yeow Cheng Ong, and Harn Hua Ng - Multi-Node Programming (proposal) (report) (presentation)
  • Nuwan Jayasena, Yangjin Oh, Hsiao Heng Lee, Anand Ramalingam, and Francois Labonte - Improving Unstructured Mesh Application Performance on Stream Architectures (proposal) (report) (presentation)
  • Chaiyasit Manovit, John J Kim, Sanjit Zubin Biswas, and Zi-Bin Yang - Compiling/Running Stream Programs on Legacy Architectures (proposal) (report) (presentation)
  • Jacob Chang, Alex Solomatnikov, Jae-Wook Lee, and Nate Hill - Mapping Stream Stencils to Imagine (proposal) (report) (presentation)
  • Dan Bentley - Streaming Architecture through Cellular Automata (proposal) (report) (presentation)
  • Mehdi Baradaran Tahoori, and Paul Wang Lee - Mapping Vector Codes to Streams (proposal) (report) (presentation)


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