Digital Systems Engineering: Lectures
Lecture 1: Introduction to Digital Systems Engineering
Lecture 2: Electrical Models of Wires
Lecture 3: Lossy Wires, Multidrop Buses, and Balanced Lines
Lecture 4: Wire Wrapup: RC Wires and Measurement Techniques
Lecture 5: Noise in Digital Systems, Power Supply Noise, and Crosstalk
Lecture 6: Intersymbol Interference, Managing Noise, Noise Budgets, Gaussian Noise and Bit-Error Rate
Lecture 7: Signaling over Transmission Lines
Lecture 8: Signaling over Lumped Loads and Signal Encoding
Lecture 9: Simultaneous Bidirectional Signaling and Signaling over Lossy Lines
Lecture 10: Introduction to Timing, Synchronous and Pipelined Timing Conventions
Lecture 11: Closed-Loop Timing
Lecture 12: Clock Distribution
Lecture 13: Synchronization
Lecture 14: Synchronizer Design
Lecture 15: Asynchronous Design
Lecture 16: Asynchronous State Machines
Lecture 17: Off-Chip Power Distribution
Lecture 18: On-Chip Power Distribution
Transmission Line Demonstration